Seven Common Mistakes of Franchisees

Seven common mistakes

Seven common mistakes made when starting a lawn franchise business and how to avoid them.


Mr Clip Franchisee

When starting a lawn care business be prepared to make some mistakes, after all mistakes are a part of every new business endeavor. All beginning franchisees will experience a range of different setbacks, the way they face these challenges varies but when they remain positive and creative, the challenges can always be overcome. Of course, the Mr Clip team have seen plenty of mistakes in the 30 years we have been running, we know what to expect and can offer some advice on how to avoid some common mistakes new franchisees face.

Here are seven common mistakes that franchisees face and a little advice on how to overcome them.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Often times new franchises are super enthusiastic with big ideas of what they expect to achieve. While we love your enthusiasm, we want you to stay grounded and set realistic goals. When you start a new lawn care business it’s going to take time to develop your skills. Don’t assume that you’re going to be getting massive profits in the initial stages of your business, work systematically and work diligently. Ultimately, be real with yourself, understand your work and build upwards always.

Another thing to note is that not all of your work will be lawn mowing, be ready to help your customers in other areas whether that be odd jobs, yard tidies or general gardening. Every stream of income is beneficial.

2. Lack of organizational skills

One of the most basic elements in the recipe to success is good organizational skills. You must set up some sort of system that allows you to keep on top of your work. Don’t be sloppy or just simply ‘keep everything in your mind’, write details down or use a diary/calendar app on your smartphone. Don’t be the person that loses clients simply because you forget you had booked work with them already, stay on top, be systematic.

3. Communicate with the Mr Clip office team

Remaining in regular contact with the Mr Clip office team is a sure way to benefit you and us, we will always offer 100% support and have the resources to assist you in a myriad of ways. Don’t underestimate the value of communication. We’ve helped grow countless businesses and have a thorough understanding of the lawn business, give us a call on (08) 8365 8000 or email us at

4. Quote appropriately

It is not uncommon for lawn franchisees to under quote jobs in an attempt not to lose customers, although the thought of missing out is frustrating it is better to quote the appropriate amount. To run an effective and profitable business you can not sell yourself short, make sure you to be consistently fair in your quoting. Demonstrate that you will do an outstanding job and that you’re are a true professional, impress your potential customer.

5. Don’t use old equipment, use new equipment

You may think you’re being thrifty by using older equipment but cutting costs when it comes to equipment is never worth it. Don’t use cheap, no-name equipment but rather buy well known established brands. Apart from the practical side of things, old equipment doesn’t reflect well on you as a professional. Buy the best and work forward. You may be able to get discounts on new equipment if you contact head office.

6. Lack of responsibility and self determination

There are major differences between being employed and running your own business, understand that you need to be committed and self-motivated for your business to be successful. Despite running your own business, you still have a network of others around you who are there to help. Contact other franchisees and talk to management, they’ll be there to encourage and help. Be persistent, stay positive and have a good attitude. Nothing will stand in your way if you’re able to be self-determined.

7. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Don’t let the difficulties of running a business overwhelm you but rather remember why you started in the first place. Don’t stress and stay relaxed. Enjoy the outdoors and take the time to talk to your customers, remember life is about enjoying the small things. Make the most of every opportunity and get out there and be proud of the work you’re doing!

At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes, don’t let them get you down but rather learn from them. Buying into a lawn care business is not always going to be easy but remember if you buy with Mr Clip you’ll have the ongoing support of the entire team right behind you, every step of the way!

– The Mr Clip Team