Franchise opportunities in Adelaide

We’re really glad you’re here and are taking interest in beginning with us in a Mr Clip franchise!

As a family run business we take pride in our franchises and the work they do. Every individual at Mr Clip is equally valued and we strive to assist and support our franchisees in every way we can.

Mr Clip has continually evolved since its creation in 1988, from very humble beginnings into the successful company that it is today. At the core of our success is our people, and more specifically it can really be attributed to our amazing franchisees. One of the most enticing elements about the franchise model is that it puts YOU in control of your own business, allowing you the freedom and potential to create something truly incredible!

In the market for a lawn mowing business?

 Mr Clip offers a business collaboration that includes training, mentoring, marketing and financial assurance under a trusted Australian brand! We always have plenty of opportunities available to suit your unique budget and needs. Whether you buy into an existing franchise or begin with a new customer base, in either case you will have the absolute support of head office and the managers working in the company.

The Mr Clip Name and Brand

 With over 30 years in the business, the Mr Clip name has been well established as one of the leading lawn mowing and gardening providers in South Australia. We take pride in our reputation for providing professional, efficient and friendly services. This reputation is such a valuable aspect of our company and works directly for you by demonstrating consistency and work assurance for you.

An Exemplary Business System 

 At Mr Clip we provide our franchisees with a simple yet effective business system that ensures extraordinary efficiency. We incorporate online marketing and simple digital management programs  in order to create a modern, ever progressing, workplace. Our purpose is to set you up with the right tools and exposure to enhance your business experience and profits! When you join Mr Clip, you will have all the guidance and support you need to get off the ground running. Not only will we assist you in the early stages of your new franchise business but we will be there to help you all the way through!

Buying into a franchise is no small matter, we know that, and we want to make sure you feel completely confident and assured that this is the right step for you. Starting with your initial inquiry we will keep you well informed with transparent access to the Mr Clip system and any information you may require. At Mr Clip we like to keep things simple, for you and for us.


Mr Clip franchisee David


Services We Provide

  • Training, back-up and support
  • South Australian training
  • Equipment included
  • Healthy outdoor lifestyle
  • Great income potential
  • 30 years proven track record





Testimonials from our franchisees

Some of our franchisees

Chris Mullins

I have owned my Mr Clip garden & lawn services franchise for over 11 years, and am proud to say I still love my job. Having a lawn and garden services franchise allows flexibility in my work hours, which works well with my young family and other commitments. It’s great to be my own boss, working outdoors, being fit and active and assisting people. The team at Mr Clip are always available to offer advice and ongoing support. I am proud of what I have achieved.

Drew De La Fuente

I have been a franchisee with Mr Clip lawn and garden services now for over 3 years. Since joining the company I have been really happy working for Mr Clip. From the moment I started I had a lot of support and reassurance, having appreciation and acknowledgement of the work I did. The journey so far has been rewarding, and I’ve built new friendships along the way. It has given me great satisfaction and I have grown so much as a person.

Marcus Genat

I have been working with Mr Clip for almost 4 years. The process was well explained and relatively easy. Flexible hours and being able to choose when I take leave make working for myself very rewarding. The Mr Clip organisation has been extremely helpful, particularly during the first twelve months of starting up my franchise providing fill-in work as I established my business. This willingness to support their franchisees has always been evident.

Phil Reddock

I bought my Mr Clip round 20 years ago. I liked the way Mr Clip lawn & garden services was portrayed and the ability for me to build my own business. Having come from an indoor banking career it was great to change from a wet New Zealand indoors to a sunny South Australian outdoors. I appreciate the assistance that Mr Clip gives when needed. I wish I had the chance to do this type of work earlier in my life. I intend to work this business for as long as I can.