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Seven tips for Lawn Care in the Adelaide heat

Summer time is all about enjoying being outside with friends and family, of course at the core of most Aussie yards is a well looked after lawn-watering-adelaidegreen lawn. In the extreme summer heat keeping your lawn looking good can be a difficult task, the question is how can you keep your lawn alive during the heat? Here are 7 handy tips that could save your lawn from dying a perilous death to the scorching sun!

Start Watering Early
An all too familiar sight is seeing some person watering their lawn in the hottest parts of the day, although an admirable action it is counter productive! The best time to water your lawn is in the morning since it is the coolest time of day, this greatly reduces the rate of evaporation. It also provides ample hydration for the rest of the day. You may argue that watering at night has the same effect, and while yes it is cooler at night you completely miss the advantages of photosynthesis! Hence, it is always best to water in the morning.

Prevent water run-off
When water begins to form puddles or runs off, you most probably need to move the sprinkler someplace else. If you believe that, despite the puddles or run off, it hasn’t been watered sufficiently simply move the sprinkler elsewhere for 5 – 10 minutes and then place it back to its original state. This gives the soil more time to properly absorb and soak up the water. Oscillating sprinklers are the best investment to prevent puddles and run off as their constant movement allows the lawn time to absorb the water.

Water your lawn not your concrete
When watering lawns in Australia the amount of water that is wasted on pathways, driveways and other paved areas is astronomical! Make sure when you water your lawn you aren’t wasteful, if need be, buy an adjustable sprinkler that suits the needs of your lawn. This will save you money in the long run and also ensures a more evenly watered lawn.

Don’t Use Hot Water
If you find the water in your hose is hot or warm make sure you don’t water until you’ve given it time to cool down. Using warm water on your lawn can scold the blades of your lawn and cause unnecessary damage to the health of the lawn. Always ensure you flush the warm water out of you hose before you start watering again.

Aerate your lawn
Along with sunshine and water, lawns need plenty of oxygen. To ensure your lawn gets plenty of oxygen you can aerate your lawn. The process involves piercing the soil at different intervals to reduce compaction. This enables nutrients penetrate deeper beneath the surface of you lawn. The most basic method requires only a basic garden fork which is used to push holes into the soil at 15cm intervals. A well aerated lawn also helps prevent run off and puddles.

Encourage a healthy root system
In order to create a vibrant and healthy lawn a strong root system is needed. Watering you lawn too frequently can actually hinder rather than benefit. The secret is to create a strong root system which allows you to water less, even in the summer. To encourage the roots to search deeper you should water at a deeper level by soaking it two to three times a day rather than a quick daily soak. The brief daily soak will only create a shallow root system but the deeper method enables the roots to go deeper.

There it is, just seven simple tips that will ensure your lawn stay healthy, vibrant and green. Its not overly complicated but it works if you just follow along. Now enjoy the rest of the summer and keep up the watering. If you have any other tips, feel free to share in the comments!!

All the best from the Mr Clip lawn mowing team!!!