How to Grow your Client Base

How to grow your client base by Mr Clip


Mr Clip Franchisee

Tired of the constant rat race, feel like you need a change? If you enjoy fresh air, sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass then maybe a Mr Clip franchise is the right choice for you. At Mr Clip we have seen countless people leave their stressful jobs from every field imaginable to join our team in a brand new environment. Becoming a franchise owner opens up so many wonderful avenues and can enable you work a stress free job in an often over stressed world.

There is a lot involved in running your own business and its not always easy. Franchise success requires planning, business skills, equipment, finance and a fair lot of hard work. The process to obtaining a solid client list requires you to be competent and organised in every aspect of your business.

If you want your business to grow, here is a list of helpful tips that will get you on your way!


If you want your lawn business to succeed, you have be a stable operator who your customers can rely on. As you begin to get in the swing of things you’ll start picking up regular customers, figuring out your routes and creating a system that suits your style of work.

Don’t ever become complacent and never be mediocre, always look to better yourself and your business. Treat every lawn and garden as a space to showcase your expertise and craftsmanship. You should be proud of the work you do, and your customers should be too!


This universal business rule always applies, make sure you have an outstanding standard of customer service. Treat all customers with respect and make them feel valued, you want their experience to be memorable, in an amazing way.

Be impressive, demonstrate your best skills and be friendly while still keeping it real. If the customer is difficult to deal with, maintain positivity. In almost every case this will work to benefit you and the customer. Also keep in mind you represent a business and as such you also represent your fellow colleagues so take pride in the services you provide.


Start small and don’t be discouraged by slow progress. You may only have a limited number of clients to begin with, focus on giving them an excellent service. Be on the lookout for work, build a solid foundation and things will fall into place. Don’t stress, just do the best you can at all times.

Don’t try to take off more than you can chew and remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Also word of mouth is very powerful in this industry, use it to your advantage!


As your client list expands, don’t become sloppy in your service, keep treating you customers in an outstanding manner. Build strong relationships with your clients, take the time to have a quick chat and take interest in what they say.

Accept criticism and use it to improve, always be attentive and have a smile on your face. Another skill to develop is remembrance, if a customer tells you something try to remember and ask about it next time you see them, this shows that you actually care about them. At then end of the day, be genuine.


This business requires hard work like any other business. There is so much you can do to grow your business, knuckling down and getting your hands a little dirty is part of the job. It’s been said countless times and it always remains true, what you put in is what you get.

Go the extra mile, whether that be in the clean up, helping a customer carry groceries or just perfecting an edge on a lawn. People see what you do, they are after all paying for a service, hence, go above and beyond. It pays off in the long run, thats a guarantee!


At the end of the day it’s going to take time to build a business, don’t let this scare you but rather let it challenge you. Overcome obstacles, develop your skills, never give up and be strong. How you run your business is a reflection of your fortitude. In some cases client list growth can be exceptionally fast, thats great, but remember its also about retention.

Sustaining growth can be just as difficult as achieving it in the first place, so remember do the basics well, be friendly and better yourself as you continue to expand. The potential a franchise owner has is exciting, reach out and achieve the best you can, and a bit more!

Here is the final word, don’t stress; work hard, learn and improve. You’ve got this!

– The Mr Clip Team